Nvidia could buy ARM from Softbank (update)


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I can't see how this benefits Nvidia, ARM sells CPU designs to manufacturers of ARM CPUs and the biggest reason why Nvidia doesn't have much of a foothold in the mobile space is because their SoC's cost too much to put in mobile phones. So apart from making money from just owning ARM as a growing company I can't see how it benefits Nvidia's integration into the ARM world of designs?
This would put nvidia in direct competition across the board with AMD. Beyond the AMD64 architecture AMD makes (and is licensed to intel), AMD also makes RISC chips, including some ARM based ones.
honestly I don’t see this clearing regulators. Not in the US OR the EU. Both without major binding guarantees in place. Buying ARM would put Nvidia in indirect control over the licensing agreements of a competitor; AMD.
I see no reason for NVIDIA to do this unless the motive is to actually hurt the competition with new licensing.
be this a slap at Apple who uses AMD graphics, or a swipe art AMD to disrupt mobile and iot apu production... this just stinks of the undead!
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