Nvidia GPU (GTX 1060 6gb) not detected by system

Around about a week ago I purchased a new laptop (Microsoft Surface Book 2). Upon opening the laptop, I straight away installed GeForce experience and downloaded the new game ready drivers for my GTX 1060 6gb dedicated gpu. However halfway through installation I accidentally closed down geforce experience and when I rebooted my laptop, I found that my dedicated 1060 gpu was not detected in task manager so I went over to device manager and my gpu was not listed under display adapters only my integrated Intel graphics. I checked the box saying display hidden items and sure enough my nvidia gpu showed up under display adapter greyed out. So, I right clicked it and uninstalled the drivers and restarted my laptop. But now It doesn't show up anywhere in device manger, nothing with a yellow mark next to it in other devices or PCI slots in system devices. And GeForce experience won't detect my gpu and when I try to install drivers manually from Nvidia site, I get error saying driver not compatible with this version of windows.

My laptop is 64 bit Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2

OS build: 22621.1105

Windows update does not prompt to reinstall driver when I check for updates and drivers are not automatically installed when I restart the computer. I have no system restore points before the incident as well.

I have been thoroughly searching through many forums and yt videos to find solutions, but nothing is working, and it is really disappointing since it is a brand-new laptop. I even tried "Reset this PC" and gpu is still not detected. Any help would be most greatly appreciated.