Nvidia installer wont install!

By TheEsoog
Sep 22, 2006
  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me.. I'm trying to update my nvidia nforce ethernet driver (because I keep getting random reboots, a previous post on here seems to indicate its a common problem and updating ethernet driver will solve it) However whenever I run the installer it extracts all the files, gets to the preparing setup screen - when the progress bar gets to full it just exits automatically. Bloody annoying! This also happens when I try to install the original nforce drivers from my mobo disk.. I' aware I can try and do them manually of course with the "have disk" option from add hardware but I don't know which is the correct driver and I end up for some reason with two Nvidia Nforce networking controller's (one called #2 and one just called Nvidia Nforce networking controller, the #2 is the one that is installed normally for some reason) and neither of them work then!
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