Nvidia is shifting GTC 2020 conference to an online-only event


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In context: 2020 is set to be a big year for PC hardware and gaming, but unfortunately some of the most exciting events for both of these industries have seen some unavoidable disruptions. Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, many companies have pulled out of large conferences like the annual Game Developers Conference and PAX East -- the former has been canceled entirely. While Nvidia isn't going as far as outright cancellation, it is adopting an alternative approach for its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this year.

In an announcement published today, Nvidia revealed that GTC 2020 will be an online-only event due to COVID-2019 (coronavirus) concerns. Nvidia is currently in talks with speakers who were originally scheduled to talk at GTC, and the company hopes to have those talks published online in the "weeks ahead."

Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang will still be delivering his annual keynote via livestream. For viewers at home (and most of us here at TechSpot), the change won't be too significant. Watching the event online is typically a more efficient and affordable way to get any relevant information. The exact time and other details of the online livestream will be announced by Nvidia soon.

So, what should you expect to see during GTC? We hope Nvidia reveals its next-gen Ampere-based consumer GPUs, which could have the RTX 3000-series branding. Recent leaks suggest they'll be quite a bit stronger than current RTX 2000-series cards.

We'll update you if Nvidia releases any further details about its online GTC plans. If you purchased a conference pass already, Nvidia says it will contact you about a "full refund."

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Its stupid that every company has its own conference now. If you're aren't going to interact directly with potential partners and competitors you need to just give it up.