Nvidia looks to ease plummeting Tegra sales with LTE 4i devices in early 2014

Justin Kahn

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In a recent financial report, Nvidia says its fourth generation Tegra 4 sales have dropped dramatically in Q3 2013. Tegra revenues have plummeted 54% relative to last year's numbers, according to the company. Nvidia's CFO Colette Kress relates the drop...

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They aint gonna ease plummeting sales until they put a Geforce GPU onto a Tegra.
Aren't the video cores actually GeForce cores? I had it understood that Tegra uses downscaled Kepler and will use Maxwell; that's why Kepler is so good, it can scale up and down keeping efficiency. That's part of why the SHIELD has the best Android-based device battery life while punching very good graphical performance.


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Does NVidia make stand alone LTE devices (not LTE in smartphone or tablets) ?
I have this old Huawei usb 3g modem which I sometimes use (my main connection is a huawei wimax modem) and since my ISP is now offering LTE in selected areas, I'd love to have a usb LTE modem.


I try to stay away from nVidia chips when I choose my Android phone... It's my experience that it's always a hassle getting updated drivers for nVidia chips, although it is the phone manufactures responsibility to get them from nVidia.