Nvidia nForce 3 & VIA K8T400M to support Opteron

By Julio Franco
Apr 22, 2003
  1. Both NVIDIA and VIA have issued press releases announcing new chipsets that will serve as platforms for AMD's new Opteron CPUs...

    The VIA Apollo K8T400M Chipset, built around a high speed, low latency HyperTransport™ link to the AMD Opteron™ processor, is designed to enable a new generation of powerful server solutions suitable for firewall, cache and load balancing applications, as well as Web hosting. The K8T400M is also suitable for workstation applications with the North Bridge integrating an AGP 8X controller allowing the AMD Opteron processor based system to interface with the latest professional class 3D graphics processors.
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    For more information (and discussion) about nForce 3 (pro), check this thread :)
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