Nvidia puts chipset development on hold

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Even though Nvidia has been quite successful with its GeForce 9400M chipset, which has been broadly adopted by Apple and several other laptop makers, the graphics firm today officially confirmed what many already suspected: it will put further chipset development on hold in the wake of licensing issues involving Intel's Nehalem-based processors.

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Nvidia is going to die, isn't it? Looks like they learned nothing from 3dfx...


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They won't die, just wait for their next wave of cards, they will always find a way back onto the scene like they always have. To be fair Most people buy an AMD chipset because they use ATI graphics cards with the AMD proccessors because you get better performance, I really want to see an nvidia chipset to go with a core i7! that would be awsome! with built in USB 3.0 and made by Asus! just a shame that dream may never come true...


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Wasn't there a story on here that Nvidia is exiting the consumer GPU biz too? How are they going to stay in busines...
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