Nvidia's 64-bit Tegra K1 'Denver' SoC packs Haswell-like performance


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Nvidia has released some new information surrounding their upcoming 64-bit Tegra K1 variant, codenamed 'Project Denver', discussing the architecture of the chip while also making some bold performance claims.

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A manufecturer touts a new tech and naturally charts itself through the roof - what's new? :)
This guys read a new post and makes a snobie comment - what's new? :)

Of course they'll chart themselves up the roof, as is the tendency of new improved hardware, it tends to be... faster, more reliable and less power hungry, it's the norm, right?

Jad Chaar

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Very interesting and impressive. I am really excited to see where ARM takes us since it seems like it has a ton of potential.


Very interesting and impressive. I am really excited to see where ARM takes us since it seems like it has a ton of potential.
Nowhere where X86 hasn't already taken us. This is a path already well trodden, so everything they claim to be able to do X86 already does and has done better, so it's only in the low end, power restricted bracket that ARM currently has the upper hand. That however is changing with every revised product Intel releases. I've always maintained, The Titan that is Intel may turn slowly, but once its lined up in a particular direction... Well just go ask AMD, it took Intel maybe 10 odd years, but where is AMD now, certainly not where they thought they would be all things considered. ARM is currently enjoying its 4th or 6th year at the top, so you do the maths. That's my opinion anyway.


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These Tegra K1 chips are quite impressive and have already displayed a new level of performance especially in the tablet area. Can't wait to see this version in action as if its performance claims are legitimate then we have some sweet machines in our future.


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Tegra technology has always been solid from the little experience I've had with it. My little tablet has a Tegra3 Quad Core and although it's outdated & nothing special, at the time I bought it you'd have to spend double to get anything that's noticeably faster for most tasks.


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I must agree with the second guest, I think the Intel analogy [about the slow-moving titan] is pretty accurate. Right now, as we saw with the Zenphone 5, that Atom is a joke, and probably the next two iterations won't be enough against the tough competition. But Intel is focusing its efforts in that segment, and we can be suddenly surprised with a milestone.

At the same time Qualcomm and Mediatek keep pushing the power envelope with higher clock speeds and more cores -my Z2 giving heat problems when using the camera, heard about heating problems with the S4, S5, and Z1 in other scenarios- this is about power-efficience and will see who gets the upper-hand in that department on the long run.


Perhaps you don't know what Amd is or how bad bulldozer was newer doesn't always mean better.