OCOSMOS launches two tablets with Windows 7, Oak Trail

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Jan 7, 2011
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  1. Korean electronics firm OCOSMOS has unveiled its OCS1 and OCS9, two new tablets with Intel's Oak Trail Atom platform. The former measures 5 inches with a 1024x600 display while the latter has a larger 9-inch 1024x768 screen, and despite those different form factors, both have similar features.

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  2. lawfer

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    And the million dollar question is:

    How would you play PC games on the OCS1 device?

    And I mean, play them the right way. I assume the W7 on this device will detect this device's hardware as a gamepad of some sort (and I assume the gamepad-supporting game will follow suit). But how would you, for example, play BFBC2 on this little thing if that were indeed the case?

    Or why do I keep asking these questions if I know that the answer is simply that this is just another gimmick? (And yet another question.)
  3. @Lawfer:

    Well, maybe it would be good for some older games and Nintendo emulators as well as maybe PSP/PS1 games (it looks like it may have shoulder buttons?)

    I guess you could even play NDS on there too. I doubt you would even want to consider playing any face paced games like BFBC2... wait, you did consider it.
  4. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    These devices presumably run StarCraft II without problems. This is Windows 7 in its entirety, not a watered down version of it, meaning any PC game can be run. Now, how can they be played is the question I tried to find an answer to in my earlier comment.

    I simply used BFBC2 as an example to inquire that, if that device can play a complex (controller-wise) strategy game such as StarCraft II, how would it be able to handle precision-based games, such as first-person shooters; or face-paced games as you seem to call them...
  5. @Lawfer:

    Alright, there was ONE typo in my earlier post; don't chastise me for it. Go through and look at all your posts, I am sure you have errors, too. Look at the post you just made, "such as first-person shooters; or face-paced games as you seem to call them... ". You do not use a semi-colon before the word 'or', nor do you use it before: and; but; nor; yet. But, you can use them in lists, as I just have done. Basically, you do not use a semi-colon before a conjunction. Remember "Conjunction junction, what's your function" from Schoolhouse Rock?

    From what Slashgear says (the weblink within the techspot article), OCS1 ships with 1GB RAM expandable to 2GB. OCS9 doesnt have a specification for RAM, neither have specifics on CPU clocks. They can say "capable of running the most demanding online PC games, MMORPG, 3D, productivity and social networking applications"*, and you can believe them, fine. But, if you believed it could run well enough to actually do anything with, doubtful with such low amounts of RAM. Let alone control configurations. I could "run the most demanding PC games" on a crappy old AMD K6 chip, but with crappy responses and errors.

    * http://www.slashgear.com/ocosmos-osc1-tc-and-osc9-get-official-tiny-oak-trail-gaming-tablets-07124718/
  6. Append:
    Back onto what you have said. Yeah, I would like to know how the human-computer interfacing will actually be like.

    I thought I hit 'Preview Post' but instead submitted, maybe I should create an account... Oh, how I loathe creating useless accounts.
  7. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91


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