Oculus expands VR for enterprise with new bundles and subscription service

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Oculus announced at F8 that it is launching a device-management subscription for enterprise users.

The $180 per year rate gives businesses access to a suite of VR tools, enterprise-level customer support, and a “new user experience customized for business use cases.”

The company initially launched Oculus for Business in 2017. However, at that time it only offered bundles that included a Rift, Touch controllers, three sensors, and three facial interfaces. Enterprise application support came via third-party apps from Audi, DHL, Cisco, and others partnering with software developers such as Strivr.

Oculus is looking to expand on that program by adding its own setup and management software and continuous support. It is also adding the new Oculus Quest in its bundles.

Companies will have their choice of the 64GB Oculus Go for $599 or the 128GB Oculus Quest for $999. Both versions will be available in bulk and include the first year of support, enterprise warranty, and access to the software suite. After the first year, the support will renew for $180 per year per headset.

Oculus claims that VR has been very successful in the enterprise environment. Testing with surgeons has shown a 230-percent improvement in performance, according to Osso VR. Virtual reality has been implemented as a training instrument in several elite schools including UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Harvard Medical School. Other companies like Walmart have also reported success with various VR pilot programs.

We've not yet heard how KFC’s creepy VR training program its started a couple of years ago has performed.

Oculus says the new service will be launching this fall. The Oculus Quest releases May 21.

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Pretty impressive prices for the business world but might be a bit pricey for individuals. Still, this product has yet to be fully explored by education and similar applications where visualization means everything, especially when it's more practical and less invasive (surgery techniques, etc.)