OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Solid-State Drive Review

By Julio Franco · 17 replies
Apr 30, 2010
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  1. The true successor of the highly popular Vertex solid-state drive is here. The new OCZ Vertex 2 is based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller targeting the enthusiast segment with a clear emphasis on performance.

    Read the full review at:

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  2. I don't get these SSD reviews. Every drive with the Sandforce controller has about the same huge read/write speeds. If company XYZ (startup or not) has a Sandforce controller its got these read/write speeds but reviews treat them like "wow look at this one" and proceed with the same benchmarks that are going to be about the same as any other sandforce controller based SSD.
  3. Umm how is this for an idea, if you don’t like it don’t read it? I am sick of 12 year old kids getting on the net and crying about everything. I found the review very useful as I want to buy some Vertex 2 drives and there are … well almost no reviews. Plus the Vertex 2 does have a custom Firmware than is unique to these OCZ drives. This is of course the first review on a production drive using the SF-1200 controller so no idea what you are crapping on about anyway.
  4. windmill007

    windmill007 TS Rookie Posts: 308

    I have the original vertex drive. Fast Fast Fast!!! It's still the best deal for price, speed , performance of any SSD drive IMO!I Last time I checked I was getting like 150MB write and 200MB read.... Crazy!
  5. I agree with the second guest go to bed child!

    I own an intel 160GB G2 drive since Dec 09 and its been a great experience so far. This review was good and I like the colour scheme you use for those bar graphs and the overall quality made it very easy to read.The performance is very nice with those sandforce controller but the Cost per GB not so nice. Some also say nand prices aren't going much down this year...so the choice is not gonna be any easier.
  6. Good review but i'd have liked to see these SSD's go up against and HDD raid0 Array as everyone knows a single HDD sucks at almost everything except size.. once again good review :)
  7. i agree, i would like to see two of these new WD Velo 600gb in raid 0 up against one of these OCZ vertex Sandforce drives, i think it would be intresting. still this was an intresting read on these SSD, thanks.
  8. Based on these results, it appeared that the Intel X25-M is still a very attractive option. Although it's write times were terrible comparatively, if it's used exclusively as a boot drive for OS and applications, then writing shouldn't be much of an issue anyway. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but with so little space, isn't that exactly what most people use these for? And when you look at these benchmarks (except HD Tune,) the Intel drive does remarkably well during read tests.

    And, given the cost per GB of the Intel versus the Vertex 2, I'd still be inclined to go with the Intel. Actually, I'm probably going to put my money where my mouth is very soon, because the exact reason I read this review was to help decide which of these two SSDs to buy and use as my Windows drive.

    Anyone know the price or availability of these Vertex 2 Pros?
  9. I will wait and keep my tax dollars in my pocket or get 2tb drives. Failure rates and longevity still seem to be a major problem. Plus there are a lot of players who are not yet in the market. I am expecting somewhat of a breakthru soon, which will humble all these early drives.. possibly gddr4 or Memristors?. Spinny stuff has stood the test of time and is now very good value. As I said 1 (or 2) Humungous HDD + 1 mobo +1 quad core = same price as these drives.. and they will speed up both SETI and FOLDING@HOME
  10. CMH

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    4xHDD might be able to reach those seq read/writes, but will never come anywhere close for random reads/writes.

    As for the price, nobody's asking you to buy 120/128gb versions of these SSDs. 60/64GB versions have similar read speeds, and should be enough for OSes. Write speeds are roughly halved, but that shouldn't really be an issue for most people, as home users are more interested in read speeds. Even then, write speeds are still similar to HDDs.
  11. I'm amazed the reviewer hasn't mentioned outrageous claims of OCZ regarding read/write performance. 275/285 MB/s on Vertex 2 Pro? Give me a break. Similar story goes with Vertex 2. Even synthetic benchmarks haven't showed such numbers.
  12. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,039

    I don't quite know how to put this - Ron Burgundy voice...

    Those are sequential read/write results and most are well aware that they count for bugger all. Also OCZ states that these are the max read/write results and word them as "up to". Under the right conditions when testing the sequential read/write I am sure you will see those numbers. There is no point in singling out OCZ for this since it is an industrial standard for measuring performance, its just marketing crap and those who really want to know how the drives perform read reviews.
  13. CMH

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    Btw, the ssdeurope.com link doesn't seem to be up. I'd really like to check that link out....
  14. "Under the right conditions when testing the sequential read/write I am sure you will see those numbers"

    Thank you Steve for your input. I'm still not convinced what kind of "right" conditions are required to get those numbers, as I can see your review included sequential reads/writes. Indeed, I am perfectly aware that marketing department is full of such dirty tricks, but sequential write is almost twice less than advertised (145MB/s vs 270MB/s). If you ask me, that's nothing but cheating, and the article should mention it somehow.

  15. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,039

    The right conditions would be to use the optimum sample file size which we were not testing with. I can easily get 270MB/s to back up the marketing data but its not real world performance so their is no point. Call if cheating if you will but as I said its an industry standard and OCZ has done nothing wrong.
  16. CMH

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    I understand perfectly what Steve is saying.

    Besides, according to Steve's ATTO benchmark results, read/write is at 266/264MBps, which is pretty close to me.

    On another note: I found no details about the other drives you're test driving. I'm particularly interested in the G.Skill Falcon II's write speeds, and why is it substantially slower than the others. Maybe you've got 64/60GB version stats instead?
  17. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,039

  18. Just to echo the reports of OCZ drives failing I've just had my Vertex die on me with no warning. OCZ say it's totally unrepairable. Never buying anything OCZ again.

    Intel may be slower but at least they do it right.

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