Odd HDD, XP and RAM issue

By Eidetikos
Jul 24, 2007
  1. I have an Intel DP35DP mobo, WD Raptor 150gb with two identical Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 512mb sticks. I couldn't get winXP to see the harddrive whenever both sticks were in and it would crash during installation. But as soon as I removed the second stick, it immediately was able to install winXP with both PATA and SATA. Now that XP is installed, I put the other stick back in and it crashes whenever it boots up. I take it back out and it's fine.

    I've tested the ram by trading it out with the other. I also put it in all the other slots. I have the Ram timing set to 5-5-5-18 (auto-configured through BIOS). I tried 6-6-6-18 but that crashed as well.
  2. raybay

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    What happens when the Ram timings are set lower? I don't think that motherboard can stand what you are doing. I would reset everything to normal and see what happens. Otherwise, I think you have a defective memory module or a defective memory slot.
  3. Eidetikos

    Eidetikos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Maybe I can't stand what it's doing. hehe, i'm j/k. thanks for the reply. I'll set the timing lower when I get off work and see what happens. I thought about the 2nd slot being defective but the Bios always sees it and I had additionally run some memory tests with Hiren's before I had installed winXP. A defective memory module sounds right up my alley, though. I'm already on my 2nd mobo and 3rd graphics card, might as well make them par.
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