Odd USB External HD mounting issue

By sellmesanity
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Hey all,

    I just finish building a computer for a client and I put his old IDE drive into an enclosure and everything worked fine. He had a portable hard drive as well so I plugged that into the computer and they both mounted and worked fine. The drives showed up as E: Local disk and F: DATA...however I accidentally unplugged the F: drive without unmounting it, for some reason causing the F: drive to stay there indefinitely. The F: drive also is somehow still accessible even when unplugged, I can copy files and everything. When I unmount the E: drive though, both drives disappear. When I plug in the E: drive the F: drive comes back. When I unmount the USB it shows both drives as one USB Mass storage device. Is there a way I can reset some setting in the registry so that it detects these 2 drives as new drives again so they aren't linked together somehow? Thanks.

    Edit: He has Windows XP btw.
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