Old drives - new machine

By rosannaus
Aug 17, 2008
  1. Drive C on my old Win XP machine became corrupted so now I am setting up on a new one.
    I have tried to connect the 2 drives that were in the old machine (not including drive C:) and I can't get them to be recognised either as external USB drives or as internal SATA drives. (all my drives are SATA)
    One drive was partioned into 2 logical drives (125 + 125 GB) and the other was a straight single partion (500 GB).
    When installed as a SATA drive the bios and Vista can see it but Vista reports no size. This makes me think I need to format it and it would be visible - but then I would loose all of the data.
    Jusst tied the USB case on my new ACER one (great little machine) and everything is visible. Unpluggred and plugged straight into Vista box and no permission no data 0MB size!!!
    Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong
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