Old video capture devices dissapear when you install a new one - help needed!

By alangeering
Jan 27, 2005
  1. The aim:

    I would like to run two capture cards in parallel.
    Card 1 is a VfW (accessed via WDM wrapper) video capture card with VGA and DVI inputs.
    Card 2 can be anything, I've tried a Winnov Vidium PCI card and a D-Link USB web cam and both triggered the same effect.

    The problem:
    Whenever any new device (card 2) is installed it becomes the ONE AND ONLY video capture device available to windows. Whilst Card 1 still appears in device manager and is listed as working properly, it dissapears from all lists of capture devices available (i.e. in capture aplications and graphedit).

    Does anyone have any idea why?
    Memory addresses and IRQs do not conflict, so it's not that.
    My initial thought is that some registry entry is being overwritten... would anyone know where?

    Alan Geering
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