old windows ME computer. Can I get it to run XP etc?

By ThaUnknown · 12 replies
Feb 22, 2007
  1. Ok i am kinda of a tech noob when it comes to actually opening a PC. But this is my Tech goal. I have an old windows ME computer I just Pulled out a few days ago. I looked at it for a while and thought about how much i LOVE computers and wish to Make a living off of them. So i finally made the desision to come to these forums and educate myself. But i was looking at it and i was wondering if i could ever get this old thing to run windows XP or vista. Yea i know some of you out there are like ''This guy knows nothing'' but its true. So my goal is to fix this PC up and make into a great RIG. But i have some questions. Where is a good place...not online where i could buy parts like lights, processors, RAM, all that stuff? And do you guys have any suggestions about my goal?
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    Hi and welcome to Techspot! :)

    What are the computer's specs? (Processor brand & speed, amount of RAM installed, etc)

    And a REALLY good place to buy PC stuff is Newegg.com. They have great prices and excellent service. I highly recommend them.

    Regards :wave:
  3. ThaUnknown

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    lol thats how nooby i am.. i dont know how to find all that stuff. Could you tell me how i could find so i could record it?
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    I hope my post in your other thread is helpful! BTW, don't insult yourself, everyone starts somewhere, including every member on this forum, even me ;) .

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    Indeed. I was hopeless when I joined :)
  6. cfitzarl

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    Not here you didn't anyway :) .

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    Your main components are going to be:
    Motherboard (big board stuff plugs into)
    CPU (processor, it needs a heatsink and fan)
    Video Card (some motherboards have ones built in, generally not as good as seperate cards)
    Power Supply (pretty important if you are running mid-high end components)
    Hard Drive(s)
    CD/DVD Drive(s)
    (keyboard, mouse, monitor, but those can be recycled from older systems easily)

    I believe that is all you need to get a running system for something like Windows. Arguably you could run without a case, but its not very practical :)

    You can buy all those parts at www.newegg.com or really any other online store that sells components. Ordering is a little tricky because you need to make sure you get the right processor for your motherboard, and the correct RAM, as well as the right type of video card. It isn't real hard, because really you are just matching up things like DDR2 (RAM), Socket 775 (what the processor will fit into), and PCI-e (video card slot). Those are just examples of things that can be different, not necessarly a recommendation.

    Reading the forums is a great way to learn, but it can be overwhelming at times, especially if you don't even know what people are talking about when they say things like 8800 vs 600, or x2 4600 vs E6300. That is where looking through sites like newegg for the components listed above will help, you'll start seeing those numbers on pieces of hardware.

    As far as whether you can get what you have to run XP. Its almost certainly answerable as Yes. XP will run on almost anything, it will even run on Pentium 2 computers, and if you turn off a lot of the visual enhancements, it will run pretty nicely for office type stuff.

    Vista is a different story, and you won't be able to run Vista on older hardware well if at all. Vista almost requires a system built in the last 2 years for it to run nicely.
  8. cfitzarl

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    Nicely explained SGNX :grinthumb !
  9. swker98

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  10. wolfram

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    You should read too this excellent thread by Howard:

    Regards :wave:
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    welcome to TechSpot ThaUnknown,

    chances are it could run windows XP the way it is now, Vista however may require some upgrades.

    from microsoft:
    I suppose that depends on your definition of "great rig". there is a big difference between a "great rig" and one that can simply run a newer operating system.

    why will you not buy online? you will almost always pay more at a retail store vs. shopping online for computer parts. sites like newegg.com offer low prices and fast shipping. many people like zipzoomfly.com as well. you can also find some very good deals on ebay (just be sure to carefully read the auction details before buying)

    cheers :wave:
  12. ThaUnknown

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    Thanks D

    lmao you guys are the bomb lol ty and i will start working pronto. I will post pics of what it looks like now .then if i get it into smething good i will make an after.
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    Memory is an important factor to consider before going to XP... In my experience, 256MB of memory should be the minimum requirement for XP. Also, older Intel chipsets/CPU's perform better than older VIA/AMD chipsets/CPU's under XP
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