Olympus unveils Project Glass-style wearable display prototype


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Wearable computing is shaping up to be the next big trend (or fad?) in technology, with Google presenting its Project Glass headset in spectacular fashion at this year's Google I/O conference and news of Apple recently being granted a head……

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news of Apple recently being granted a head mounted display patent.

of course they did tere already getting ready to sue someone for something thats not really their idea


Apple has too much money to waste, now they patented the head display, they probably don't have the technology or prototype, they just patented an idea and are waiting for a company to get a product on the market then sue them for billions and when the company cannot pay they will buy the company and claim they invented the technology.


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You couldn't pay me to where those glasses in the picture. I have a hard enough time making myself look presentable. I don't need those on my face.


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Who was in charge of making the design for these?
No one in america (and im assuming europe) would get caught dead wearing these.


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@Ranger12 @ikesmasher I'm with you guys on that one. They look ridiculous. Although to be fair, those are still prototypes.


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C'mon guys, they'll look sweet with a bluetooth headset and your Samsung Note in a holster on your belt. If anyone asks you about it, you can do the Robot while you answer.


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They may need add collision detection, so when you hear "heads up!" you can duck the food being thrown at your face.