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Jun 26, 2003
  1. I don't know if anyone here uses Omega video drivers, but I found this at Driver Heaven, and thought I'd post it. Looks like there will be no more nVidia Omega's. I've used both the nVidia and the ATi versions of his drivers, and have found them to work quite well. I'm using the ATi's on my computer now. Omegadrive's site can be found a Driver Heaven.
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    Looks like ATi doesn't care if OmegaDrive modifies there drivers. Turns out they are releasing new drivers in advance to him so he can have them ready on the official date of release. Here's another statement from Driver Heaven.
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    Thats a really good attitude by ATI. Maybe nVidia should take note and stop being so heavy handed. Maybe they just don't like Omega modifying/discovering the built-in benchmark cheats in their drivers.
  4. olefarte

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    After all the talk about OmegaDrive not releasing anymore nVidia drivers and what appeared to be threats by nVidia, looks like they have had a change of heart. They are saying now they just had an issue with one particular set of Omega drivers and his using there logo on his page. The full story is at Driver Heaven. I'll bet "personal opinion" kind of had something to do with this.
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    Nvidia Statement: ( in Nvidiaese)

    Trnaslation ( in english)

    We didnt realize how much bad publicity our usual heavy handed tactics would bring us in this instance. so we are weaseling out and will now claim it was only a specific instance of one set of drivers and the use of our logo on a page. Doesnt everybody immeadiately sic their lawyers on someone rahter than simply contacting them about issues? we know we DO!

  6. Tarkus

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    By all the missteps they've made lately it sounds like they got a new hardnose management that isn't going to take anything buy "My way or the Highway" in there and he's going to do some serious damage to their relationship to their customerbase.

    It's probably some how related to all the bad drivers they've been releasing lately. Guess they don't want amateurs to show them up.
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