One monitor shaking

By ixmike88
Jul 2, 2011
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  1. hello, i have dual monitor setup and recently my main monitor (on the left) starts shaking (similar to being set to 59 hertz as opposed to 60)

    software wise, i have recently formatted and installed windows 7, and in the setup for the monitor in question it says its set to 59 hertz, and 60 for the other one, however after looking into this situation it appears to be non-harmful issue relating to windows 7

    hardware/external wise, i haven't changed anything, i've moved some fans around but physically there's nothing near my monitors except each other, and the only speaker system i have is my headphones and some built in ones on one of the monitors

    optiquest q2201wb (monitor in question)
    acer b203w
    intel i5-750
    4gb ram
    geforce gtx 460 se (latest drivers)
    windows 7 ultimate 64-bit 6.1 build 7600

    the situation is not consistent for me to accurate test what causes it and what helps it, right now the 'auto' button on my monitor usually makes it go away after a few attempts

    i'm not really sure what to attribute the problem too, the monitor is a little bit old, but i think if it was an electrical issue then the issue would be on both monitors, since they are plugged into the same power surge

    the only other things i think of is that the power connector or connector to the video card is faulty, or that the 59 hertz is actually reverting back to 59 hertz, however in my nvidia graphics control panel it says 60 hertz for both monitors

    if theres any advice or things to check or anything like that please let me know, tahnks
  2. Tedster

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    can you adjust the hertz in the monitor itself?
  3. Lokalaskurar

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    Quick test to see if it's the monitor or the PC which is causing the issue (not perfect):

    Screen 1 is currently plugged into Port 1, and Screen 2 is plugged into Port 2. Swap!
    - Put Screen 2 in Port 1, and Screen 1 in Port 2. Now, try checking both the control panel and the screen again. What are the results?

    This is to see if the graphics card is outputting a strange signal.

    Also (a bit boring, but maybe worth it); if you can, try and set up both screens on another PC if possible. Of course, this is not mandatory in any way, but sometimes - screens may interfere with each other. Mostly common on CRT's, as they usually require a de-magnetization to work correctly.

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