OnePlus has sold half a million handsets thus far, aiming to double that by year's end

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OnePlus has certainly chosen to take the road less traveled with regards to promoting and selling one of the most intriguing smartphones of the year, the OnePlus One.

The company launched its Smash the Past promotion shortly after unveiling the One in which interested parties were asked to smash their current handset for the opportunity to buy a new device. This promotion was wrapped into OnePlus’ overall strategy of selling phones indirectly through a referral program. In other words, you can’t buy a phone unless you are invited to do so.

OnePlus opened a pre-order window for just one hour last month which, unsurprisingly, didn’t go over too well as their servers faltered under load. As such, they’re planning to hold a similar event on November 17 and with any luck, the servers will hold up a bit better than last time.

The question on a lot of peoples’ minds, however, is whether or not this exclusivity strategy is actually working. Judging by the numbers, the company seems to be doing just fine.

In a recent chat with Forbes, co-founder and director Carl Pei said they’ve sold half a million handsets to date with a push to reach one million units sold by year’s end. It won’t be easy, Pei admitted, but he thinks it’s possible.

The One’s success is even more impressive when you consider the fact they’ve spent just $300 on marketing.

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Do the math. "Released for sale" around the end of May. June through October, they've sold "around" 500,000 and OnePlus/Oppo/BK Electronics thinks they can gear up production, to produce 500,000 in 2 months?


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To be advertised as the "flagship killer", those numbers are far cry from it. In average they had been able to produce 100,000 units per month, what a complete joke -more so by Chinese standards.