Online Armor Firewall v2.0

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Jun 18, 2007
  1. Online Armor Features:

    Keylogger Detection
    Mail Filter
    Web Filter
    Spam Shield
    Cookie Cutter
    Trusted Sites
    Untrusted Sites
    Prevent Spyware
    Remove Spyware
    Settings Monitor
    IE Extensions
    DNS Checker
    Hosts Checker
    Simple to Use
    Easy to Use Firewall
    Powerful Windows Firewall
    Firewall Leak Tests
    Run as Limited User
    Worm Protection
    Termination Protection
    Spyware Prevention Tips
    Spyware Prevention With Online Armor
    Trojan Protection
    How to Block Dangerous Sites
    Lightweight Security for
    Spyware Removal Tips
    Autoruns Management

    Here is a look at the GUI:
    As you can see you have all your different sub categories on left side and you can uncheck Mail Shield, Web Shield, Program Guard, Firewall for any given reason. The Opera browser FF, IE is compatible with the web shield so you will be protected when surfing.

    This program detects all Active-X and will ask you to allow or deny. It's a great feature.

    Lets move to the Programs Tab on left and it will give you a inventory of whats on your computer. You have options of Allow, Block, Ask, Delete for each entry as well as "Hide Trusted" programs next to the Allow button. So can tailor each entry to your liking. If for example you don't want IE Explorer doing anything sneaky you can set it to "Ask" like I do.

    You can right click on any entry in this list and you have a list to choose from Show File Information, Advanced Options, Remove from list, Remove tracked objects, Auto size columns.

    Show File Information will give you this: If you see something that doesn't look right OA will give you the path and you can choose how you would like to get rid of something undesirable.
    Advanced Options (when you right click on a entry in Programs tab) will give you this and you decide what you want enbled or disabled. The Run Safer feature lowers the priviledge's for that program. You can uncheck this if needed.

    Remove from list: Remove any entry from the list. For example when I uninstall something I will go through the list and remove anything that pertains to the program I uninstalled.

    Remove tracked objects: OA tracks program installs so you are able to quickly uninstall a entry if needed.

    Now we are at Start Up Items tab: You can customize what you want starting up and what you don't. And yes, it works very well.
    This will have to be continued in Part 2. There is a lot to cover with this program.
  2. Rilla927

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    Can a mod please help me out here?
  3. mopar man

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    like that?

    Go to the advanced menu (I am pretty sure you used that). There is an icon of a mountain that says insert picture when you hover over it. click it and put in the url of a picure by itself. like this: .

    So, if a website has .bmp,jpg, etc., you use the [​IMG] without the spaces.

  4. Rilla927

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    Oh yes, I remember now. It's been so long since I had done this I forgot.

  5. Rilla927

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    Online Armor Firewall Part 2

    IE Add-Ons tab- You have the option to allow, allow all, delete any entry. At a glance you can always see whats installed at all times.

    Key Loggers tab- OA detects recorded keystrokes. As you can see OA detected my Everest program. I allowed because its a trusted program.

    Hosts tab- OA protects your Host file from being written too. When I update my host file OA will ask me if I want to allow, there is a tick mark you can check for all entries of the host file being added so you don't have to click 16,000 times. It makes it painless.

    My Web Sites- You have the options of trust, don't trust, add, edit, delete. When you set a site to "don't trust" OA examines this site more closely for malicious behavior.

    I want to show you what the context menu looks like for OA when you right click on the Armor shield in the tray.

    Start file system scan- Uses the Kaspersky engine to scan your system for any nasties after its installed.

    Banking Mode- You can safely do your banking. No private information can be intercepted while in transmission.

    Online Armor does work at the kernel level. You can deactivate the HIPS feature.

    History tab- Keeps a log of everything. You can export and clear.

    I'm saving the Firewall tab for last cuz there will be multiple screen shots in Part 3.
  6. Rilla927

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    Online Armor Firewall Part 3

    Firewall tab- This FW runs in Standard Mode & Advanced Mode. Standard Mode is great for people like me that don't know anything about (or want too) FW rules. OA takes care of that for you behind the scenes automatically.

    Mike Nash is the author of this program and he set out to develop a FW that Mum, Dad, Grama, Grandpa etc could use with out the knowledge of configuring ports or dealing with rules if they don't want too. Here are some screen shots of Standard Mode.


    This is the Rules tab-


    Options tab- Which has the different modes that you can choose Standard or Advanced.

    This is the General tab in Options- Pop up default monitor in case you are running more than one monitor.

    Mode- Choose Standard or Advanced from drop down box.

    Send anonymous information that you see checked is for building a data base of trusted programs that OA will recognize on your system. You do not have to use this if you wish.


    The Firewall tab in Options- If you choose to uncheck "allow trusted programs to access the internet" you can have finer control over whats going on with your programs, of course you will get more pop ups.

    Choose your level of logging and content control.

    You can uninstall the FW only with out uninstalling the whole program or disble it if you wish.


    We have not covered the Advanced Mode yet, that will be in Part 4.
  7. Rilla927

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    Online Armor Firewall Part 4

    Firewall tab for Advanced Mode- The Program Access & Rules tab looks the same that I posted in the Standard Mode.

    This is the Restrictions tab- You can define your connections and countries.




    ICMP tab- This is the default. You can make changes as needed.


    Restricted Ports tab- This is by default. You can change as needed.



    This FW has a small foot print. It does not use a lot of resources at all as you can see.


    I started out with this program before it was even a FW and I loved it. Mike Nash takes his work very seriously and thats what I like.

    If you combine ease of use and protection its Online Armor Firewall. Mike is still working on many other accomplishments for OA so it will only get better.

    This FW caters to the best of both worlds Standard & Advanced.

    This FW does not support Vista yet. It has just been released but Vista is on the horizon in due time.

    I have always had a problem with finding the right FW and now I have found it. I really think this product deserves merit where its due. As I said, I have no knowledge of port configurations and rules manually, but if I was going to start I know I would not have a problem doing so because the tech support at Tallemu is excellent.

    I run OA FW a long side of Kaspersky Antivirus. I have Super Antispyware on demand. I just started testing Sandboxie out, that's it.

    This program is very deceiving, it looks like its not doing a whole lot but the clever way it was designed is because its going on behind the scenes, all the hard work is done.

    I like the Active X detection cuz you have the ability to block or deny.

    When you install this program it needs a internet connection in order to link itself to the data base because it will go through a "Scan Check Wizard".

    Here are some links that will be helpful:
  8. AtK SpAdE

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    excellent review!!
  9. TimeParadoX

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    Dude your review is huge!!!!! :haha:
  10. cfitzarl

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    Nice review; it's huge as Time said :D !
  11. Route44

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    Very, very helpful. Thanks for taking the time for such an extensive review. This is excellent work. I am about to flush Sunbelt's Firewall down the toilet and I have been looking long and hard for a software firewall that won't give me perpetual BSODs.
  12. Rilla927

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    Yes I know the review is huge but there was a lot to convey so people really understand what Online Armor has to offer.

    At first I had a problem getting the images to show up only because I'm so used to Tallemu's Forum. This forum worked differently.

    You are welcome!

    D/L the trial and give it a whirl, just make sure all remnants from the previous FW are removed because it will cause a conflict. When it comes to security programs I remove them in safe mode, reboot and remove any folders that pertain to that program, check the registry for any left over strings and remove to ensure a good clean install of the new product. Everyone has different ways but I find this works best for me.

    I have been beta testing (still am) because Mike wants the FW to able to pass all leaktests. There are three (I think) it didn't pass so we are still testing. Believe me, when he's done it will pass all of them.

    I have never seen another FW that detects Active X and lets you allow or deny each session as needed.

    If you use a Blacklist you don't have to convert anything in order to use with OA, you just import it. It's the easiest FW I have ever found to use and it doesn't eat up all my resources.
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