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  1. While waiting for my friend the other day, I was able to grab a flyer about web and video conferencing. It is timely because I was assigned by my boss to inquire about such new technology trends in conducting a business meeting online. However, the details are not clearly stated there. Anyway, I hope to learn more about its other features and how exactly this will work. What do you think about it?
  2. jobeard

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    Yes, the office has used Go To Meeting and it is full function, w/white board, symbolically passing the mic for another speaker/commenter.
  3. entrycoupling

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    How about this software? Have you tried it before or do you know them? One of my superiors suggested them so I was thinking of adding them to my proposal. I'll check what you suggested and if it has what we're looking for, I'll add it as well.

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