Only 3 FPS on WoW in Dal

  1. Ok, so I'm sitting here playing WoW on my Laptop. For those of you that play I'm sitting in Dal for those that don't, think of NYC on Black Friday.

    I'm getting a varying reading of FPS from 23-52 FPS and a consistent latency/lag of around 250-300ms.

    All of the sudden, boom 3FPS. This continues for the next four or five seconds as the screen keeps fading out and then refreshing the image. Eventually, it freezes my laptop and I have to restart.

    Specs? Ok.

    Laptop: Dell Studio 1535 Series

    Core 2 Duo Processor

    4GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM

    ATI 3450 256MB

    I just today Defragged the drive and everything performs better except for WoW.

    Also, WoW causes my computer to over heat occasionally sometimes 5+ in a single day.

    So is there much I can do or am I better off just saving up for an Alienware M11x?

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