Only boots up on second try, not first !

By dexterdoo
Nov 12, 2006
  1. I'm using Windows XP Pro and when I turn on the computer I get, "Pri.Master not found" "Boot Failure" "Insert disk in Drive A:" But if I hit Cntr+Alt+Del at that point, it will then detect the drive and start normally. I can "restart" it any time thereafter without a problem. It's just when I first turn it on, it won't detect the drive. I've tried "fixboot" and "fixmbr" but neither helped. Is there any way to fix this without reloading everything ???

    p.s. This drive was cloned using Acronis 8.0 and since I didn't have this problem with the other drive, I have a sneaky suspicion that Acronis may be the culprit - but I can't prove it ! Sure, I can still use the computer but having to boot twice to start it is a bit annoying .... Any ideas ??? Thanks *
  2. Nodsu

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    Your issue is with the BIOS, so it has nothing to do with any kind of software or anything that is on the hard drive.

    The drive takes too long to spin up and the BIOS detection goes through before the HD has initialised.

    You may have an option in the BIOS to set a delay before hard drive detection. You can also disable quick boot to give the hard drive more time to start.
  3. tpfagan

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    May want to also look at your boot order. It possible to set your bios to seek floppy for boot in one section and specify a boot order in another where floppy in not first.
  4. dexterdoo

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    jeez, Nodsu ! now i see why you have over 6,000 posts !!

    1. i clone drive "B" from drive "A"
    2. drive "B" won't boot properly but drive "A" still does
    3. both drives are Western Digital 80GB and i believe are identical
    4. you think the problem is BIOS related and suggest disabling Quick Boot
    5. i'm sure that won't fix the problem but do it anyway
    6. PROBLEM FIXED !!!

    7. i don't get it ????? but you are The Man, Nodsu !!! many thanks ! :giddy:
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