Optiplex GX280 power fail, and not the normal kind

By SeymourG
Jun 20, 2012
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  1. I've read all over here, and over the internet for problems like mine. Except, there aren't any. The ones I do see see are problems involving a flashing amber light. Hah, funny. I USED to have that problem, then the light stopped going altogether.

    I plug it into the wall, and nothing happens. No light. I opened it up. The little light in the motherboard was off. I looked everywhere, but the problems usually don't go this far! It's refurbished, but my PC's mother board dates all the way back to '03. I checked all the cappacitators: Flat and clean of any brown gunk. My fan has always been loud as hell, so I think that either the motherboard died on me, or the fan broke and took out the PC along with it! I know my power strip works. I have my modem plugged into it, and there's been no changes about what's been plugged into that for a year. It was working last night, then I try to turn it on, and the amber light flashes.

    I noticed that the ports had one of the safety things pulled out so that the metal teeth were showing, but it'd been like that for a while. I was told to make sure none of them were touching, with some were, so I used pliers and separated them nicely. Recently I plugged something into it (twice, out of habit) and it warned me on my monitor that it shorted out. The second time was the last time I had it on. Is that the problem, or what? :confused:
  2. Tmagic650

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    The power supply has died, but you may have issues with that '03 motherboard too. That "Port" is a USB port and if the pins were touching at all, they may have eventually shorted out the power supply. If the motherboard is that old, the power supply may be as old, right?

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