OS X 10.9 Mavericks going Golden, now seeding to developers

Justin Kahn

TS Addict
Apple is almost ready to drop OSX Mavericks on the public, so much so that it is already beginning development on a follow up release.

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"It seems like after version 10.10, the next version will be 10.11. Many believe that, just like other versions before this version, the next version will be released a year after a previous version was released. A new version will contain more features that are not present in current version, and will be most probably not released before it will reach Gold status that we insist on calling Golden. According to some sources, next iOS version will be 8, which is surprising, since the current one is 7. Not many people know that the previous version, iOS 6, was released after iOS 5, and not before, as some permanent residents of particular facilities tend to claim, according to some of our sources. Stay tuned for more exciting rumours!"