Outlook 2003 Calendar Error

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Hi - I've got a problem when i go to print other peoples calendars in Outlook 2003. I can print mine fine, however, when I print someone elses (I have owner permission on their calendars) , an error message appears saying :
The messaging interface has returned an unknown error.
I've tried the latest office sp2 update, detect and repair. a little bit lost - can any one help ta!
That is correct.

Hi Joe,

Yes, that is correct. I can view the other peoples calendars, I can delete appts., create appts., edit appts. but can NOT print their calendars from my Outlook. I get the same EXACT error msg that the gent at the very beginning of this thread gets.

Hi, I am having the same problem as well.

Hi, same problem here with 2 PCs. The only thing in common with these 2 PCs is taht have fresh installs of XP and office and the latest MS Updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated

One of my users had this issue. I was able to get her to print by selecting her calendar as well as the user's calendar she had access to and was trying to print. She was able to print succesfully without the error. Hope this helps you guys.

Hello, i found this on another borad and it fixed the problem for me.

When you go to print the other person's calendar,
File, print, (Daily Style), page setup, uncheck TaskPad, then print.

Hope this helps.
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