Outlook 2010 and background music

By KathyJ
Aug 11, 2011
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  1. Hi everyone. I am in "learning mode" for Outlook 2010. I have imported my old messages from Windows Live Mail but I'm having a problem with some of them that I can't figure out. I have a few that I wanted to keep that when you open them up, the background music will start playing and on some, there is SUPPOSE to be animation but there isn't and the background music will not play with Outlook 2010. They show as attachments with a mid extension. I have tried to click on them and it tells me I don't have a previewer installed for it. Before Outlook, I used Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail and it worked on all of them and still does but won't in Outlook. Also, the pictures are showing as attachments only and there is just a x in the email where the pictures should be. I have looked high and low in their help file and online for a setting change that might make these emails work as they should but I can't find anything. What am I missing? Does anyone have any ideas?
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  3. KathyJ

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    Thanks Mike! Although the gifs still didn't work, at least the music played. Thanks for your time and help!

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