Outlook Express Recover mail rules

By ok4life
Jan 28, 2007
  1. OS = 2000 pro
    user name is res which is on a 2003 server w/ AD

    This workstation all of a sudden created a new home folder with all default settings. Folder name created was res.domain with the old folder res still existing. I checked the users on the local machine nobody has added any local users or anything. Just the domain users and local guest/administrator accounts.
    I don't know why it did this but it did.

    My question how could I restore the outlook express mail rules without loging in to get to the hkey_current_user key in the registry. There was alot of rules setup on the workstation.

    I will be diggin more in the reg tomorrow to see if I can find anything.

    Thanks for any help in advance
    If I figure it out I will post back tomorrow.

    Well I tested here and I should be able to do it by going through hkey_users and finding the Identity string that was under my old user directory then export that to a reg file. Edit the identity string to match the current Identity and to go to the right location of the registry (hkey_current_user) and then reimport it to the registry. I believe this will bring it back as long as it is in the registry there yet.

    I will update in the morning.
  2. ok4life

    ok4life TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Well it wasn't in the registry probly why it created a new user account. But I fixed.
    What I did.

    I opened regedt32.exe and then selected open hive I opened the ntuser.dat under the original home folder in ther eI was able to export the mail rules under the old identity string. Then I used notepad to edit the exported reg file. and used replace to find the old string and replace it with the new Identity. Then reimported it into the registry.

    This is not a full how to you need to know how to work with the registry and what keys you need to export and reimport this is easily found by searching google.com. I may write a full how to on it but I wouldn't hold a breath if you want one written message me and I may squeeze the time in.

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