Over a billion Android-powered smartphones shipped last year

Himanshu Arora

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Last year saw over a billion Android-powered smartphones being shipped worldwide, up from nearly 800 million units in 2013, making Google's smartphone OS the first ever to cross the milestone in a single year, according to a report from market...

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Thats alot of Clash of Clans villages.
Current attack is as follows : 1 Golem, 10-12 Witches, 3-4 Giants, Wizards and a Pekka or two, 2 rage, 2 jump.
Cleaning people out like a boss.


Microsoft should just get out of the phone market and write apps for IOS and Android. Besides, they are making a ton off royalties on Android as it is. They should focus on writing the best software they can and actually be a software company.