Overclock a 9800PRO into a 9800XT

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Feb 21, 2004
  1. I wrote an article on how to use overclocking to get a 9800XT for the price of an 9800PRO. This article has four parts:

    Overclocking Programs
    Better 9800 cooling
    BIOS Flashes
    Voltage Modifications

    Hope you found the article useful!

  2. ---agissi---

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    Looks like you did a good job, but I think you have

    Mixed around :D Imma go keep reading the article...gj
  3. ---agissi---

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    Man that looks like a lot of work!!!! What about that condensation though? arent you worried, you didnt do anything about it. That could fry your card. Also, the cooler+huge heatsink is facing downwards, with all that weight couldnt the card break? You only had those two tiny screwes holding it on. I'd be worried the card would warp. Examples:



    Also great idea using the pelter on top of the cooler for it to go to the heatsink! :D Was that in the refridarator too?
  4. snowman

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    great article, you put a lot of effort into it. but are all those fans REALLY needed? i recon you could pull it off with one of those thermaltake giant II's, good air flow in your case, and some RAM heatsinks maybe?. im getting a giant II for my 9500 pro(when the bugger gets here!).
  5. Major Carnage

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    Article Update

    The condensation is not too bad for two reasons:

    1. The peltier is facing downward, so the water would drip
    away from the video card if it did form - but it doesn't.

    2. The temperature at idle is not 20 degrees below room temp.,
    so condensation does not form. The idle temperature of
    the GPU is around 85 degrees F, the room temp. is 70.

    The weight of the cooler and heatsink is about one pound. The
    two screws that are holding it were tightened rather tightly
    using washers. I made sure to torque them enough that I
    would never have to worry about gravity pulling the heatsink
    away from the GPU. The board does not bend since it would
    take at least 4 to 8 pounds of pressure to affect it, and probably
    even more when the board is mounted in the AGP slot.

    Even though I spent a lot of time on it trying everything, I found
    that the biggest improvement was found by increasing the GPU
    voltage to 1.77V. Therefore, simply by performing this one mod,
    then adding "some" extra cooling such as RAM sinks and a large
    fan blowing over them as well as the GPU heatsink should be
    enough. Why bother? To save some money.

    The vgpu mod will cost $10 for a fan, $2 dollars for a resistor,
    $12.72 for 8 heatsinks, and I recommend a temperature sensor
    ($20 - $30). On 4/19/4, the cost of a 9800pro on pricewatch.com
    is now $207. A 256MB XT is $406, so if your overclock is
    sucessful, that's a savings of $144.28. If you don't keep the
    thermometer for $30 after a successful overclock, you could
    have saved $174.28.

    Good Luck in your overclocking.
  6. FeTaLDaMagE

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    Ok first off .....OMG......Dude you have to much time on your hands, and time is money ......That just equaled about $300.00. Not saying it to be arse, you have great knowledge about video cards but come on man.......Who would ever attempt to do this to a $200.00 + card? Someone with more than enough money to buy the real thing.......
  7. XtR-X

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    Good project.

    But looks like someone needs a new hobby... (lol)...

    But good work!
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