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overclock MSI k8n neo platinum (ms-7030) bios 1.4

By hondablaster ยท 14 replies
Sep 20, 2004
  1. Im not really into computers untill recently i purchased a new dvd burner but copying movies for slow super slow (dvd shrink 3.2) so i decieded to go and buy a new computer (better then my compaq 700mhz. what turned out to buying some a bit better turned into an expensive system. and now i got all this cool stuff i want to do get into computers again.

    IM trying to over clock my computer. but im not sure how now the msi board ms-7030 comes with bios feature called core cell. but when i attempt to over clock my xp starts to boot then the comptuer resests out of the blue. also it comes with over clocking software right inside of windows something called cool and quiet and that reboots my computer after a couple of minutes.

    i built my computer from scratch and im wondering two things did i not do something right or is there something i dont know about. like i said i know a lot about computers but i dont dabble in that stuff no more and im quickly realizing my knowledge is outdated.

    i also bought a chip of 400 mhz 3200 ram but it always says bus speed 200 mhz. my processor is the amd 64 3000+ and my graphics card is the ati 9600. I was reading a little thing about over clocking and i noticed a lot of emphasis on ram. my ram is the corsair bargain ram crap they got on there site. could ram be my cause. my ram boots up at 2.5 3 8 2 2t i dont know if that helps.

    The last thing sometimes even with my bios set to whats called fail safe mode (basically everything is at its lowest) it still reboots for no reason. like someone just run up on my comp and hit reset. maybe 1 out of every ten uses it will reboot.

    ANyone got any comments other then my bad writing ill be glad to listen also. I dont know any cool tech sites. what i really want to know is was is a bus speed and what is FSB and why when i turn my fsb like up a couple of degress my cpu says its quicker.
  2. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    begginers guide

    also is there a BEGINNERS GUIDE TO OVER CLOCKING. i dont want to see anything about voltages and crap just basic understanding stuff. Thanks.
  3. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,182

    First of all, do you need to overclock ? You've just went from a nearly obsolete machine to a top of the line system, I do believe the difference must be quite noticeable with things running at their default values.

    & the fact that you do not know the meaning of some terms such as FSB (Front Side Bus) means you should get to know a little bit more about the inner workings of modern computers before you go ahead & overclock. & then when you take into account that the Athlon64 has a very new architecture which no longers uses an FSB but an internal clock & HyperTransport links, believe me, you do not want to start overclocking right away.

    & the last thing to realise is that if you want to overclock, you will have to play around with voltages so you need to know their purposes at least.

    Threads you might want to read :
    Furthermore, be aware that overclocking voids your warranty. It would be a shame to loose your brand new system while doing something you shouldn't be attempting in the first place. If you happen to damage your parts, please do not come back here looking for help on how to cover up your mistakes. You are the only person responsible in case your parts happen to fail. Be warned.

    & welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
  4. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    I dont understand the anger behind asking for a starting point in overclocking the computer. to answer your first question. No i dont need to overclock but how will i learn unless i ask. Like i said im not hardcore into this stuff. to give you an idea the last computer i had that i really tweaked with was a p2 266 mhz with 32 mb ram. THen i got a car and met some girls and the rest is assumed. now im 23 and im refasinated with computers etc. Like bit torrent sites the new games like doom 3 are awsome. And just making a computer in general. The post was because the Motherboard was designed to be overclocked. If you do a quick reasearch on the MSI NEO PLATINUIM series it says overclocking made easy. i paid 160 bucks when i could have got an asus for 60 bucks. Now im just trying to figure out when its overclocked why it doesnt even get passed the windows logo before it resets. (when overclocked really high)

    Now for the second problem my computer still reboots for no reason. with the computer set to normal bios values. (no overclocking or anything fancy) The only thing i bought that was cheap was the RAM could that cause my comp to reboot!
  5. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,182

    Anger ? Where ?

    There's no anger displayed anywhere. I do not see exclamation marks or words written in caps.

    I just thought it would've been more appropriate for you to ask info on how your system works, meaning very basic & general information at first. & once that first information is assimilated (no, I'm not a Star Trek fan...), ask for tips, guides on overclocking.

    The links I have provided you with still hold a lot of useful information. Take your time visiting them, harvesting information as you go. I do believe everything you need is there.;)
  6. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    as quick as i started on this little trip to learn about overclocking i even more quickly find out that amd athalon is super hard to overclock. So now im left with 2 questions why does msi advertise the k8n neo a super easy board to overclock why there about 25 award for the stupid board and why does my computer reset for not reason. Could memory that is cheap cause such a thing to happen. I was reading customer reviews for my board and people say they have memory issues with overlclocking but quickly fix them but it doesnt let me get in touch with them. I also keep reading over and over about how the they get there cpu's to 2.4 ghz easily. with my board. HOW!!!!! i read about vcore adn fsb and i got a good understanding. this is all very hard. the guides for amd 64s are not very in depth like they are for athalons and other cpu's. man what a bummer
  7. cogenmaster

    cogenmaster TS Enthusiast Posts: 117

    MSI K8 Neo Overclocking


    I have the same motherboard and processor as you and have overclocked my system without issue. Currently I have the FSB set at 205X10 for a processor speed of 2053. My CPU temp runs around 44C at idle and 55C under full load. My system is stable and does not reboot. You mentioned in your post that you built the system youself, as well you failed to mention your processor temps when you system reset itself. Perhaps you did not get your heatsink seated properly. If you want to overclock then I suggest you get some higher quality memory. Bare in mind that with corecell running you board is all ready overclocked on the FSB by 1 mhz with your processor running at 2010. Unless you are running Doom3 then like Didou said there really is no reason to overclock your system, your time would be better spent getting a high end video card.
  8. TheNZDaddy

    TheNZDaddy TS Rookie

    Vcore issue


    I also have the AMD 64 3000+ on a Neo K8 Platinum. My PC for no reason has issues with booting, often simply restarting. Once up, its fine, but it often restarts about 4 or 5 times before it is succesful. SiSoft Sandra tells me that my Vcore is too high? A monitor from the MSI web site says that it is at 3.3 volts. Is this too high? What should it be and how can it be changed??

    Any help appreciated - this is all new to me!!
  9. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    Ok well if you dont know how allready you need to reboot while rebooting hit the delete button a couple of times a blue screen will pop up with several menu options the vcore cant even go up to 3.3 i think there talking about something else. to see how high your vcore is go the hardware monitor. in that menu. the highlight pc health status. and see all your voltages if they are all low maybe you need a new power source. I actually found out my antec was damaged using this menu. also about teh vcore. your vcore for this processor should read at about 1.5 on its default value not 1.55 about 1.5 or on mine 1.47 this is the right setting for our CPU. to change this go to the cell menu and look for vcore voltage. there is a cell menu on this blue screen. and there is a list of voltages. in the end if you realize you dont know what your doing just hit one of the presets that says to set to fail safe settings. its should put your computer in the right spot. or even optimal settings. but definatley when you turn on the comp hit delete as fast as you can when you FIRST HIT THE POWER BUTTON ON THE COMP. its almost instant i hope this helps let me know. Edward
  10. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    re cap. turn off computer wait a bit hit the power button and when you hit it hit the delete button several times. untill you get a blue screen go to the h/w options menu adn then go to pc health status. take a look at vcore and observe that is should be around 1.5 and all the other voltages should be close to the numbers they are called. so like the 12v monitor should read like 11.99 or 12.04 something like that if you got a value like 12v and its says its like 10.85 you got problems. but im sure thats not the case now go back to the main menu and there is a spot where it says core cell. in teh blue menu now go in there and see at the bottom its says hit f7 or f8 some F key to load fail safe values DO THAT FIRST. then go the the vcore and load the default value there this is where you can over clock and actaully change values but take it from me the default values are the best. To overclock these computers you need expensive ram or it will have stability problems. I also found that certain ram chips need to be in certain slots. lot i got corsair value ram and my one chip need to be in slot 3 NOT overclocked thats the only way it will be stablem, other chips got other reqquirements. but what you really need to do is load fail safe defaults for every menu you can do this but going to the main menu and hitting load fail safe defaults there this will make every menu in the BIOS fail safe. this increases stability after that you can tinker with values and change things as you learn your comp and remember NEVER mess with overclocking till you KNOW YOUR COMP. this could take a couple of months studying and going to tech boards. an amd 3000+ doesnt need to be OCed and there is some stupid people who over clock but only gain like 50 mhz thats a joke. Dont mess with it. Hopefully you can reply with your success im looking foward to hearing how your comp runs edward.
  11. TheNZDaddy

    TheNZDaddy TS Rookie

    Thanks for that - I misread the figures - Vcomp seems well within parameters - however I now get a message off Sandra (SiSoft) that one fan is too slow or has failed - In Bios setup, I get the message that the NB Fan Speed is at zero! Fan failure? Could this be my problem?
  12. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    ok well. my nb fan always says zero also. these boards and cpus come with something called cool and queit where the fan adjust to the workload of the comp you can ready about it at the MSI website or AMD websites. however i dont trust it so in my core setting i have cool and quiet set to disabled. there is no NB fan and i dont know what nb fan means. the other thing you need to know is that only bios version 1.4 reports the correct Tempature. If you got any other bios it will read 20 degrees higher making programs like your sisoft sandra report over heating and fans not working stuff like that. If you havent got you bios update you need to go to www.msicomputer.com and look for the bios to your board. if you truly have the MSI K8n neo platinum then you should get bios ms-7030 but this procedure should be done right you dont second chances that easy with updating bios. add me to your messengers. im gonna attempt to send you an email.
  13. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,182

    AMD's cool'n'quiet is their laptop power saving technology which lowers the CPU's speed & voltage according to load. It doesn't change the FAN's speed unless the motherboard comes with a technology that slows down the fan when the CPU runs cool & speeds it up when it gets hotter (such as Asus' Q-fan).

    Cool'n'Quiet + Q-Fan at work on an Asus K8V
  14. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    Your right it doesnt change the fan speed. So i shouldnt say the cool and queit does that. But teh cool and quiet monitor for the with is called core cell cool and quiet work with teh cpu to adjust the fan speed. based on CPU temp load whatever. Anyways the main point was this board has fan speed up and slow down abilities making programs read a slow fan speed for example. the cool and quiet driver from AMD speeds up and slows down cpu while the COOL and QUIET software from MSI can speed up and slow down the fan. Got me yet.
  15. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    update from 6 months ago

    I actually found this browsing google. Wow its my own thread i started. Anyways i have my system prime 95 stable at 2300 mhz the default is 2000 on my MSI Neo Platinum amd 3000+ newcastle My CPU FSB is 230 x10 i need to up the volatage to around 1.7 volts to achive a prime 95 stability but the most importatnt part is good overclockable memory i used value series ram in the beginning. Now i got patriot xblk 3200 extra low latency you need to up the memory voltage to 2.80 - 2.85 and set the latency a little higher to 2 3 3 6 1t (it displays on your bootscreen at 2 3 6 3 1t for those who dont know) You will also need to get memtest iso from www.memtest.org to make sure your FSB and timings etc are not gonna make you crash every couple of seconds if anything get your Expensive memory first look for memory using the (very important: samsung tccd chips) do a search on google for this memory there is a couple of companies that use it. Like patriot ONce you have good memory you can begin your overclocking journey with this mobo. So to recap anyone who wants to know (newbies like i used to be) you need to go to memtest.org get that set your cd-rom as your main boot drive run a couple passes at each fsb. that can post Next get prime95 this is to make sure your not overheating and that the math is right and 3 look at the website to see what fsbs you can achive with different memory timings like if your memory can go to 466 ddr that means you can go up to 233 fsb !!!!! I hope this isnt too much info. (Prime95) (www.memtest.org) and some great memory you can OC almost any computer.
    For Duplicators of this mobo:
    Amd 3000+ newcastle
    MSI NEO PLATINUM ms-7030 BIOS 1.5
    vcore 1.7 or VID 1.55 @ 10% above VID
    Patriot Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MB x 2) DDR PC-3200 w/ XBL Technology (for any TCCD SAMSUNG BASED MEMORY)
    take the timings off auto and set them to 2-3-3-6 T1 and set the memory voltage to
    2.80 - 2.85 (or 2-3-6-3 t1 in our bios) (do google seach for more)
    then set the CPU FSB in bios to 230 for a ddr clock of 460
    and a CPU SPEED of 2300
    Rebot your now 15 % faster and you should gain about 500 600 more on
    pc mark 2004 with this memory when you upgrade you can go dual channel easily too for your next mobo guys. ONE LAST THING if you dont have this memory visit the makers website see if it can go past its DDR rating like mine is 400 but they have a list of what timings and voltages can make my ddr go higher your ddr is your CPU FSB in bios x2 so if you memory can go past 400 ddr you probably can overclock.

    Hope this helps somebody!
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