By puffader
Jun 27, 2007
  1. I just need to know if overclocking even by a . is worth the trouble? I have a decent system and cant see that this overclocking is worth crashig your system, even if you get 1 more fps. Can someone clear a fi this?
  2. dustin_ds3000

    dustin_ds3000 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 887   +19

    to me its worth it, smoother the game runs, the more u will enjoy it
  3. CMH

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    A successful overclock is one that is as stable as stock. If my overclocks starts to restart randomly, I will immediately lower it down, even to stock if I have to, to get it to work perfectly again.

    As for FPS gains, I'll talk about what you can see. In some games, you can definately see improvements in laggy parts, and in some others, you won't see any improvements at all. If your computer runs everything at max settings, and you don't see any stuttering whatsoever, then overclocking would be a futile exercise since you won't see any improvements at all. However, if by overclocking you can increase some settings, or make it run smoother, by all means, go for it.

    I know in X3:Reunion, in some maps (sectors such as ore belt, Teladi Gain, etc) I was CPU bound, so when I overclocked my old computer, I saw a huge increase in performance. That was definately worth it, since it was still stable.

    But if all you play is Starcraft, and you've already got max settings and don't have stuttering problems, you won't see any difference. Things aren't suddenly going to look better because your computer is more powerful.
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