Overclocking an AMD II 630

By Edwin Phate
Jun 26, 2010
  1. Currently i have a stock hsf but i just ordered a Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.
    under normal load movie web browsing its about 41-45c which seems high to me.
    I don't know where to start at all i do have amd overdrive compatible mb with acc
    motherboard temp is 39c currently
    individual cpus between 37-44c
    ASRock M3A785FXH/ 128

    Arctic Pro 64

    Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G DDR3-1333 4GB

    Amd ii 630

    Ive read its better for me to overclock the fsb not the multiplier (cant oc that anyways not BE) and drop the multiplier down cause its better for "SPeeD", "Loading" and "File Transfers"

    btw i am a complete noob at overclocking i have never overclocked anything.

    edit- Everst ultimate thinks my computer is a phenom :/

    Okay well i have upped the fsb
    on test 1 i got moved the fsb from 200 to 210 here are the results and so on

    in bios.
    I dont see a option to just change the cpu frequency from 200 its grayed out and in a drop down from a option called Overclock mode and its set to optimized. However there is 3 other settings Auto, Cpu,pcie sync and Cpu,pcie async

    Auto wont let me change anything.
    Cpu pcie sync only lets me change the frequency(fsb)
    Cpu pcie asyc lets me change frequency and pcie frequency aswell as enable or disable spread spectrum, advanced clock calibration and cpu active core control im gonna go with just "cpu pcie sync" and change to 210.


    changed fsb to 210 automatically changed pcie to 105
    clock speed 2.94
    running test 30 minutes
    5 minutes in its at 60c is there a cut off temperature i should know?
    10minutes still at 59-60c
    15minutes still at 59.5-60c
    30m same 0 errors
    test ended never went over 60.5c? should i move up another 5mhz?

    Maximum operating temperature (°C) ? 55 - 71(googled it)
    Starting test 2.
    fsb 215
    Clock speed 3.01
    5 minutes in 58.5c
    15 minutes in 57-58.5c
    20 minutes 59.5c
    25m 59c
    test completed 0 errors

    test 3
    fsb 220
    63c 0 errors clock speed 3.08

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