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Overclocking an AMD Phenom 9500? Heatsink?

By Chaos Prime ยท 7 replies
Mar 13, 2008
  1. Before i start ill state my hardware:

    ATI 3870 X2 1GB (2 512mb Core's) GFX Card
    AMD Phenom 9500 @2.2GHZ --> Overclocked to 2.4GHZ
    Corsair 2GB (running in dual Channel 1GB sticks) 6400 800MHZ 4-4-4-12
    Asus Motherboard M2R32-MVP 580 Chipset (Upgrading to Asus M3 series 790 Chipset)
    OCZ 600Watt PSU

    That should be it.

    Ok now to my query..... Im still running on stock for my CPU in terms of Heatsing and though my current temps for my CPU is at 47 degrees, i will be overclocking my CPU bit more but would like to get a new heatsink to compensate somewhat for the extra heat. What do you guys recommend?

    Also i was reading elsewhere that the 9500 has multipliers unlocked for ease of OC but mine doesnt. Curently im upping via FSB as explained in that Basic OC guide stickied here (great guide for beginners by the way and the disclaimer ROCKS!!!!!!). FSB at stock is @200, im currently running @ 218. Could this be due to my motherboard that its locked out or is it that they are naturally locked in which case how is his 9500 unlocked???

    Thanks for your time!

    thought i would add that i used memtest86 for stability testing. Is that software ok or is another recommended?
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Any good quality 3rd party Cooler for the AMD Phenom would work fine
  3. soulkolektor

    soulkolektor TS Rookie

  4. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 476

    Only the 9600 black editions are unlocked.

    I'd recommend the Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermalright Ultra Extreme HSFs.

    I use OCCT or Orthos for stability testing. Memtest is good to find the max for your RAM, but not really the CPU.
  5. jcox20

    jcox20 TS Rookie

    No lie i have my phenom 9500 at 4ghz with stock cooling.

    Like the title said. Stock cooling. 4 ghz stable. I have screenshots in windows vista and also i took a picture in my bios,
  6. batmang

    batmang TS Rookie

    ^^^ I really don't believe that. Run some benchmarks to prove you have a 9500 at 4.0GHz and I will consider believing it. Like I posted in the other thread, the highest clocked Phenom that anyone knows of is a 9850BE at 3.6GHz on water. A 1,100MHz overclock. Unless you have some freak of 9500, I don't believe ya. How are you setting the multiplier to 20 btw? You don't even have a black edition CPU, so changing the multiplier isn't even possible....I don't want to come off as some troll, I'm not, so don't hate on me! I'm just telling facts.

    To the OP. Here is a cheap, solid, effective heatsink and fan from Artic Cooling:
  7. I have the same MOBO with a brisbane 5200+ and after getting a coolermaster gemini2 it runs +-15 degrees cooler under load.
  8. Divino

    Divino TS Rookie

    I Have Successfully Over Clock my 9500 Phenom. Using Hyper Trasnport On AMD Overdrive Utility. I Currently Have a Stock CPU Cooler And Curently my Proccesor temp Is At 37 C. WIch I think IS Preaty Assome. Is Have used AMD Overdrive For Stability Stest For an HOur And it Went trough it like If It Was No Problem at all. BN like this For 3 Days Now PLaying Games and Got No Chaches So Far. I Just Raised the CPU Volsate Just a Bit and walla

    System Spec

    Phenom 9500 @ 2.5g
    Mem. 2g Ballistic Tracer
    Radeon 3870
    PSU. 1000wt Cool it
    Chasis: ALienware
    BOard: M3A32-MVP Wifi
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