Overclocking i7 860

By Zecias
Nov 17, 2010
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  1. i have a radeon HD 5870, 6gb ddr3 1333mhz, and a liquid cooled i7 860.
    id like to know what i have to do to overclock my cpu to at least 3.5 ghz up to 4.0 ghz(from what ive heard 3.5 is safe with a stock cooler and 4.0 should be fine with lquid cooling and wont use too much voltage). i would like it if i could overclock it so that my cpu wont bottleneck my gpu, however much that is.

    i bought my computer from alienware, so some of the properties in the BIOs are locked and i have a bad stock motherboard.
    if i need to change the voltage to get the oc i want, how do i check the voltage limit for my mother board?
    can i get a new BIOs for the alienware's intel stock motherboard?
    if so, where?
    or do i have to buy a new motherboard?

    thanks for yur help in advance!
  2. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    What do you mean by "I have a bad stock motherboard"?
    Which options in the BIOS are locked?
  3. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 202

    ive heard alot of people saying that alienware uses intel's stock motherboard, like $50 motherboards. they might be wrong, but it was hard to find any information about what motherboard alienware uses so i wouldn't doubt it(the only information i got was that they use x58 architecture thats compatible with i7s).

    i don't exactly remember, but there were alot of voltages i couldnt change. i can change the base clock, multiplier, and the memory timings.
    im gonna go check after this post.

    EDIT: this is what i can configure
    memory ratio
    DMI ratio
    dRAM configuration:
    1T/2T timing
    overclock configuration:
    PCI-E frequency
    spread spectrum
    overvoltage configuration:
    DDR3 memory voltage
    Dynamic CPU Vcore offset
    DMI and Uncore Voltage

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