Overclocking your GPU

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Aug 11, 2008
  1. If your OC your GPU to a good point where no problems shows up and temps stays at 47c to 52c, would this destroy your GPU quicker?

    At the moment, i am using a Visiontek 2400 HD and it overclocks good, no issues, i can overclocked from 519/396 to 600/450 and no issues shows up, and i only OC to play certain games, and once i get done the game, i set it back to the default settings, so is this alright or will my card die out soon?
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    OCing a GPU or CPU reduces the chip's life, but how much depends on the OC and the chip itself, as well as how hot the chip gets.
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    Yea i only OC when i play certain games, and the temp seems to stay at 49c to 51c. I never OC my cpu btw.
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    Should be fine as long as it runs cool. I highly doubt that your card will die if you overclock it. Cards that have been factory pre-overclocked are designed to handle the added stress anyways. Also, that BFG card has a lifetime warranty so even if it were to die you could have it replaced. Just don't mention the work "overclock" because that will probably void the warranty. Since that card is older, they'd probably give you a newer/better card due to out-of-date stock.
  5. Tha General

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