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P4 Upgrade question...

By dwpost
Dec 3, 2007
  1. Hello- being new to the site I am hoping that someone might be able to give me some information. I just purchased a used HP Pavilion ZE5270 with 2.4GHz P4 socket 478, and I've read that some folks experienced an overheating problem because HP used a desktop P4 in this model. I have looked this up and that model runs at about 59W, whereas the P4 Mobile 478 socket runs about 35W.
    My question is whether or not switching to the mobile processor would be possible- I think this would give the laptop a longer run on a battery charge, and alleviate or reduce the heating problem. The mobile processors are available for very little money on eBay, and I thought this might give the older machine a little longer lifespan.
    If the FSB speed and cache specs are the same, shouldn't the processor be compatible?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. DeepMartin

    DeepMartin TS Rookie Posts: 52

    i need an upgrade like that too

    I am having the same problem persay

    my cpu is the only thing i haven't upgraded yet
    right now i got the p4 478 2.4ghz probably like u (mine is not an HP thou)
    and i wouldn't mind getting the 3.0ghz

    my mobo specs are
    PCChips M925G (V9.1b)

    • CPU : Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4, Prescott Celeron processor
    • FSB : 533/400 MHz
    • Chipset: P4M266A/8235

    at newegg the 3.0s avaliable have a 800mhz FSB
    so my question: is:

    1. are the 3.0ghz 800mhz CPUs BACK-COMPATIBLE with a 533mhz Mobo?
    2. does my chipset limit the processor vertion ergo limiting my upgrade?

    478's at newegg:

    PS i do suffer from heat issues too, i got the stock intel cooler + Zalman grease so my temps are 41 Idle, 52 normal load, and 60 full load
    (according to my research on a stock cooler those temps are fine)
  3. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 867   +12

    The best processor you can get with a 533MHz FSB is the 2.8GHz. Your motherboard will not run any of the 800MHz FSB processors.

    The cheap mobile processors will allow your laptop to run longer on batteries and run cooler. Changing the processor is very possible as long as you don't mind taking your laptop apart.
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