P5LP-LE motherboard

By nomethegnome
Feb 26, 2010
  1. PC - a1620n
    Motherboard - P5LP-LE

    My friend is trying to help me transfer my old motherboard from my old HP a1620n PC to a brand new tower and I cannot find a .pdf file for the motherboard...i know what kind of mother board it is and i was able to direct myself to these forums to find someone was doing the exact same thing as me but the link where he was helped is dead! if someone can help me i would be greatly helped.

    Heres the original post by the post.

    "I've got a friend that is moving his P5LP-LE from it's existing home in an HP computer to an Antec tower. Problem is, the pinouts on the front right corner for Power, IDE, etc, are very hard to read and he's having difficulty trying to find a site with the labelling for the pinouts. It's on the motherboard, but very hard to read. If anyone knows of what pins to plug power switch, ide led, and power led into (along with anything else that plugs up front) please let me know. Thanks."

    and his helpful friend named CCT posted this:
    "Try this:

    Internet link here...cant post it =(
    but the link is dead and to no avail i cant find the file. it was a post from 2007...
  2. dustin_ds3000

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    the asus P5LP-LE is an OEM motherboard only sold to people like HP, Dell, ACER. you wont find a manual for it. the best thing to do right now it to get a magnifying glass to read the front panel pin layout
  3. nomethegnome

    nomethegnome TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've found someone who's had a pdf manual but the link was dead since its been 3 years old.
  4. linktriscuit

    linktriscuit TS Rookie

    The Asus board front panel pin-out are as follows:
    The top has 5 pins and the bottom has 4. Starting from the top left of the header it is as follows,
    I hope that you guys can understand the generic diagram.
    And if you guys need the pdf manual i have it, just pm me and i'll find a way of giving it to you guys. Late~.
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