Packard bell is dead

By wee1man
Mar 24, 2008
  1. Hi guys another genius here, Well i pulled my heatsink out of the mobo cause i wanted to clean it , and when i put the square thing back in with all the pins on it back in i bent a few pins, well now the pc will not start, i had an antistatic band on, i straightened the pins the best i could, and when i power up the thing, its like the cd drive is going for gold the monitor is blank, the fan is working, oh what have i done ?
  2. Matthew

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    That "square thing" you are speaking of is likely your CPU. Sometimes if you bend the pins, you can carefully bend them back successfully.

    I assume you cleaned the thermal compound off the heatsink and CPU's heatspreader, and reapplied fresh compound?

    You have probably effectively destroyed your CPU, lesson learned, read up on PC hardware before diving in unless you're looking for an excuse to upgrade.
  3. wee1man

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    heya Zeno dude cheers, you got a happy satisfied man ere, next time yes i will read up about things, then i would have realised that you cannot put the prossesor back in still attached to the heatsink :0) i never knew they seperated. so its all go thanks, i do have one other thing, now when i start the p.c i get a message cmos cheksum error defaults loaded , and wont boot past that any ideas?

    ok dude cheers man . im a noodle head, the reason i couldnt get any further on the boot up is because i forgot to plug the keyboard in lol. now is all good
  4. raybay

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    First, you have to fix those pins, and be sure none of them are broken internally, nor that the pin itself is cracked.
    You likely will have to obtain a undamaged processor
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