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Palm Pre 2 details revealed by French carrier?

By Jos
Oct 12, 2010
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  1. Just last week HP announced plans to introduce new smartphones in early 2011 running on Palm’s webOS. Although the company didn't give further details on the actual devices, it seems French carrier SFR has spilled the beans on at least one of them. Published on its website yesterday were details for a so-called Pre 2 smartphone featuring a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, webOS 2.0 (which supposedly brings much faster boot times and push functionality), and a “more refined design.”

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  2. The Palm Pre was ok. The biggest problem it had and why so many people jump ship for other phones is it just breaks way to easy. I knew about 10 people with the phone and I think my dad was the only person who didn't break the phone. Most people broke the phone more than once. Also Palm promised a bunch of stuff that just ended up not ever happening. It was suppose to have flash for full web browsing not sure if it is out now or not but it hasn't when a lot of people had the phone. Another problem the phone faced was the huge iphone app store. Android had this problem when it came out also and just now there app store is catching up a little bit but that is only because the android platform is on so many phones. The phone race is not much different than the OS race back in the day where it is all about killer apps. The way people will make killer apps is by having a large install base or making it that much easier to write apps for your phone over another phone. Example no fear after spending weeks and months writing an app it will get rejected by the apple store.

    Pre also had the problem that it took to many steps to call people. I still have a instinct need a new phone but need other things first and the thing I love most about this touchscreen phone is it has 3 physical buttons that all get used a lot. Has a back button, home button and a call button. The phone has 2 different main menus pretty much home menu(all the apps) and call menu. The call button goes straight to your speed dial which if I am calling someone they will most likely be on there. I am 26 so text most people. However if they aren't on there the submenu has the dialer right there in an easy to find place.
  3. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    I dropped my pre off the Canada's wonderland behemoth. All it has is a small bit of plastic that is sightly chipped. IMO the build quality is great now.

    Here's the Behemoth I speak of.

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