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Drones are one of the more exciting products in the tech market. They have quite a bit of potential to help advance the human race; across a wide variety of industries and use cases. Drones can (and already do) help creators make better video content, they can transport lightweight packages for business or medical purposes, and, perhaps most importantly, they're pretty fun to fly.

Though most of the uses we've listed so far are relatively innocuous, drones are obviously being deployed for militaristic purposes as well. Indeed, Oculus' co-founder Palmer Luckey's company, Anduril Industries, recently published a press release that announced a new type of autonomous, military defense-oriented drone. Unlike other combat drones, the "Interceptor" does not possess any actual weaponry of its own (for now).

Instead, the Interceptor is the weapon. Whether through a manual cue or an AI-powered decision, the Interceptor possesses the ability to autonomously fly toward a hostile drone at high speeds (roughly 100mph) with the intent of ramming itself into the enemy device. Ideally, the hostile drone will be rendered ineffective on impact; if not outright destroyed.

According to Bloomberg, Anduril has already begun shipping these drones out to their military customers throughout the world; most notably in the US and the UK. So, if you're a consumer with a drone flying hobby, it may be wise to steer clear of military installations in the future (which, frankly, you should already be doing) -- unless you want to get your drone back in small pieces.

Image credit: The Interceptor by Bloomberg

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"Battlebots 3D"

A shotgun shell is a lot cheaper. ;)
And if that drone is more than 100 ft in the air you have virtually no chance of taking it out with a scattergun. Consumer-grade, fully stabilized optics can zoom in tight enough to read over your shoulder from 500 feet. They also now sell drone addons capable of dropping small IEDs and other offensive devices. The best answer is a drone armed with a net shooter that can hold several rounds. The net would also include a tracking device so the authorities can stake out the crashed drone and pick up the dirtbag who was operating it when he comes to reclaim his toy. If he doesn't show, hey, free drone and intel on the perps :)


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Zero shock that someone has come up with this. And of course, already being shipped to the military. We're always the last to know. ;)
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The propellors look exposed and vulnerable. I presume the interceptor can be destroyed in the process or at least is not reusable without repairs.
They should call it a trireme (a ship used for ramming) except probably nobody will know what it means and technically it's more of a quadrireme.