Pandora co-founder talks artist payments, future of Internet radio

Shawn Knight

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Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren has penned a blog post outlining the revenue potential his service offers. He uses some hard data to highlight the fact that Internet radio can have a serious and positive impact on the music industry, but...

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More proof that the RIAA is dying... they made their billions. now its time for them to realize that the world is not permanent and they need to adapt... aka actually give money to the artists not take it all for themselves. Internet radio and youtube are probably the best things to happen to the music industry as now the artists dont need to shell out millions to get signed, make a cd, get promoted. They just need to sign up and be done


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I have both Spotify and Pandora paid. I prefer Pandora because it actually works. Spotify radio works when it wants to and it's performance over 3G can suck. When I want good radio selection...Pandora is still hard to beat.


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Been with Slacker and Pandora. I prefer pandora... as noted by Jim$ter

but the article isnt about that, it's about Pandora being able to pay the artists more. Personally this seems like a great thing as popular as Pandora has become, there's an app for it on your TV, mobile device, Blu-ray player, Roku and other streaming players....

...some artists I had never heard of, and never would have heard of it not for Pandora. Ignorance is bliss, until you find out what you've been missing... now I have this urge to discover more artists that I may be missing out on simply because it isnt "mainstream."

Days are changing, and internet radio is becoming extremely popular. I dont have numbers to back up my opinions, but it should still be obvious I'm not completely wrong. We need to support Pandora (or your prefered online radio), and allow your favorite artists to get a better contribution.

It's not fair when an artist comes out with a simple yet catchy song, and earn millions, when there's others who work very hard and come out with more complex music and dont get paid as much....

...again, just an opinion. No facts have been stated in my comment.