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    Just WTF is this thing? (blue circle)? the only details stamped on it top and nothing on the bottom (ripped it out now) are "100". I'm thinking it's a power choke but I can't find any of the same spec/size :S

    Ripped the sides off, it's got a small metal coil, that's all I can see.

    If I short the contacts where it used to be to see if there's any boot am I likely to cause megadamage?
  2. Tmagic650

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    An electrical choke:

    "An inductance, or inductor used in a circuit to present a high impedance to frequencies above a specified frequency range without appreciably limiting the flow of direct current"...

    An inductor tends to limit "electrical noise" in a DC circuit. The "100" is the inductors value. Unless it is burned, it is not the cause of your problem if this circuit board has one

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