Partitioning a HardDrive

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Dec 30, 2005
  1. Hey,

    What is the best way to partition an 80 gig HardDrive? (What and where should I set the paging file to).

    Many Thanks
  2. r_chowdhury

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    Make one Primary partition of about 15 to 20 GB and make it C Drive. Put the rest one in a total extended drive. You may make logical partitions in this extended drive as you intend.

    Ideally the paging file should reside in a seperate partition for faster access and less defragmentation. If it is possible the create such a partition to contain only the paging file. Then create a small paging file in C (about 50 MB) and put the rest in that partition. If that is not possible, then spread the paging files through the whole disk. Windows will automatically select the disk partition that is least active for the use of paging.
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    I disagree completely with the paging file advice.
    If you have only one harddisk, the pagefile should be fully in the partition where you installed Windows.
    If you can afford it and your PC has room for it, buy a second harddisk (SATA preferably) and put the bulk of your pagefile on that, leaving like 50MB on the partition where Windows is installed.
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  5. DragonFury

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    for partioning ur hdd i would set the main to bout 45 gigs and the 35 gigs on the d drive install apps and games on same drive while using the d drive as storage . page filing i leave it on the same partition as windows is installed . also partion the drive using the xp disc not partion magic a reinstall of windows will be required ...
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