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By nzb109
Jul 20, 2008
  1. Hello
    I have been typing the same password as usual in my adminstrator account in my computer which runs on xp, but it is not accepting it. How can i gain access to my account? There is only one account, my administrator account in my computer.
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    There are several flavors of bootdisk that can do this for you quite easily my favourite can be found at this link here.

    You can also download any of the Hiren Boot Disk versions ( a google will reveal all) as the took is prebuilt on this disk.

    Have fun and remember the old "how many sets of car keys do you have" rule. or in other words never have just the one admin account.

  3. nzb109

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    thanks for your suggestion.
  4. nzb109

    nzb109 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    xp password error

    My computer is accepting the same password as usual when started in safe mode . Can i do something like altering some settings or restart in MSDOS mode etc after logging in to administrator account in safe mode so that i can log in regular mode as well? The bootdisk idea is excellent but if i can preferably do it without inserting a non microsoft recommended device, its more safer.
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