Password problem

By wee1man
Dec 11, 2008
  1. Hi i have a problem with keeping passwords on my xp home, messenger for example , i can put in email, password , when running log into messenger after clicking save email and password and the log out of messenger , and my password and email login are saved , now as long as the computer remains running it will save the email , password for eternity so i can log in and out with ease, now the minute i require to turn off the system or reboot, i start messenger and whoa i have to retype the email password again , there are other applications which it is the same, bearshare/imesh, messenger are the same , but yahoo messenger is not effected, it saves and keeps the login details. even after reboot. i have tried a fresh install of windows live messenger as perscribed and detailed by the windows team and still the same, any ideas ?
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