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Password trouble - what else ? bell D610

By Youngrust
May 24, 2007
  1. Okay - short story.a friend (relative)...who had stayed with me for a period....he wanted to sell me this Dell latitude D610 .

    It was ..well working..but ...the screen is a total write off ., as sadly/happily for me ? an old dispute betwix a couple..a cup went thru the display...
    he needed a few bucks for gas I got it ..with the idea of be ing able to have my second game account active- even if hardly playable..Just to do non-combat stuff.

    Well it seems great ..and I will someday get a monitor for it (external of course)
    Bios is 'open' , disk is 'open' , and windows boots up great- but has a guest and one admin account on it ..and as soon as I boot into guest- it drops the Video from my external monitor ( I used my regular monitor to check it out) - the laptop display is ..well unuseable to change bios which I get into easily.( to maybe choose to use external monitor as default?)
    and at Bios- the external one is not active yet :(

    So - looking for a way to eliminate the admin password or account.
    not bios or hard drive - just windows log-on I guess it is .
    All numbers seem attached ..but when I last spoke to seller..he said he would rather nnot ask 'ex'.. drats! ..

    Oh yes - it has been used for movies only for months..
    Just fyi - it did use external monitor at first- but my 'blind' bios attempt to change video- had worse result
    but I had to try I set an account on this computer for friend when he stayed here..and I know I had to install any games he wanted - so I figured the same would apply to the account that once DID display okay till I messed it in blind attempt.....ooh maybe if someone could- screen shots of bios screens? as I am not familliar with laptops or their least that way - my guesses would have a better chance- laughs
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