Audio PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be


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Hello guys,
So I build myself a new PC and I plugged in the headset that I have and found out that audio is louder on the right side, and I got it centerd after a while but I had to go to Sound manager and manually increase the audio on the left! But then, the sound is more queiter and I don't want that!
I know that this isn't a problem with my headset because they work fine on other PCs and I tride some others headphones and they had the same issue(on this PC)! My audio drivers are up to date and they are Realtek HD audio!
Is there anyone that knows how to fix this?
Thanks in advance! :D


Having the same problem with high quality audio equip

my research:

it is on every pc that gives digital audio via usb, spdif, or the 3,5 jacks from onboard soundcards aswell as hifi soundcards

so far, only music players did give me a correct audio image. VERY wierd, working on this since about 1 year and no audio expert could give me a good way to work around it OR a solution


I believe your findings. Symbolically the two setups are
  • PC === headphone
  • PC === usb === headphones
and the second one has these extra conditions
  1. from the PC's point of view, the audio is seen as a USB device, not a raw headphone.
  2. the USB device should be transparent and reproduce both channels equally - - but obviously not doing so.


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I actually dealt with the problem by pluging my headset in the back ports of my PC, so obviously the prob was invthe front jacks, bad contact or something!