PC BSOD now PC is acting weird

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Jan 9, 2009
  1. ok so lets start with speccs

    nvidia 8500gt not overclocked
    intel core 2 quad 2.4ghz non overclocked
    2GB ram not overclocked
    500GB HDD storage space
    80GB system space windows xp profesional
    2 monitors
    up to date drivers and defragged etc

    running tep idle: CPU 40C GPU 60C +-

    So anyway i was playing on gmod one day llike always and watching a vidio on my secon monitor witch i have been able to do countless times before when suddenly my computer started hanging witch i thought was lag. I continued playing when suddenly my vid stopped playing gmod exited and my computer started spamming me with error sounds and BSOD with something about a memory dump and paged memory ( i dident really read it as soon as i saw it say it was shutting down to prevent hardware damage i pulled the plug)

    after trying to reboot alot of times i gave up and loded up Kubuntu to try and recover data witch it then tells me that the harddrive is corrupted so i try to format at witch point my computer locked up and i was forced to pull plug....again

    soon after i found an old harddrive witch i hooked up to the computer and installed windows on (witch for some reason it called (K: ) success it booted up and i started to re-load my computer with programs etc but then i noticed the pc was lagging alot.......more than usual and it was locking up no end and just resently i whent to my friend who advised me to get a new PSU so i did and it made not even the slightest bit of differens

    anyway just resently i was playing gmod again but doing nothing else and i got a BOSD same error msg again eccept this time it booted up again and i have been told by m8s and whatnot alot of different things like ram being bust etc and really all i want is either a second opinion or the actual diganosis my computer has had alot of spywere removers etc and nothing found im about to clean the registry and ill run evry diagnostic i personally know but really if it dosent work after that i dont know how to tell witch part is broken other than swapping them about till i find one that dosent work but i really dont want to have to build another pc
  2. nobardin

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    If your computer has blue screened then there should be minidump files in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump Attach 2 or 3 of the latest minidumps to your next post and we can look them over.

    Something you can try in the mean time:

    Download Memtest and burn it to a cd (iso version) then set your computer to boot to the cd drive first with the cd in the drive. Let memtest run for a minimum of 7 passes (There are several tests performed per pass) If it finds any errors then one or both of your sticks of RAM are faulty. If you have more than 1 stick of ram in the computer, it may be best to run memtest on them 1 stick at a time. That way if any errors are found you will know on which stick(s)

    Have you tried running a chkdsk on your hard drives? Or have you gotten a diagnostic utility from the manufacturers website for your hard drives?

    Once you attach the minidumps we will look them over for you and should hopefully be able to give you a more specific issue/fix.
  3. nauroticdax

    nauroticdax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have run a chk disk and it finds alot of errors on the 500gb hdd (witch has now stopped working compleetly ) but nothing on the system HDD i will run mem test tho to see what comes up and ill keeps cheking the minidump folder
  4. nauroticdax

    nauroticdax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok so i ran the mem test and i swapped the ram about and it is fine so we can rule that out (i think) also teh 500GB HDD has started working again?? im gonna do something that is probbably really stupid and get it to BSOD by doing al the stuff i usually do but the only problem is ther is still nothing in the mini dump folder also after running the mem test the pc started lagging alot less but iv only been on it a few hours so i will try to annoy it till it gives me a clue until then im open to any suggestions

    -1 hour later-

    ok so i succseeded (kinda) in gatting my pc to bsod and befor i go on it dident happen how i expected basicly what happend was i had garrys mod open and in windowed mod wen it starts up a little bit of it apperes on my second monitor and i was playing my guitar waiting for it to start and it loaded up to teh screen were u select what kind of game u want etc and 3 minets later BSOD im not sure what that says btu whatever here is the minidump View attachment 41417
    guys usually i would yank the pc to pieces and poke about till i get her working but i really wanna get away frm doing that and i honestly dont have a clue at this point what the problem is

    -2 hours later-

    ok i got another BSOD this time i opend gmod and tryed to play and then wen it loaded BSOD but this time on the file it mentions (im not sure what that is but its in technical info) it had the name of one of my nvidia drivers so again what ill do is chek online for more drivers and install them here is the bsod detals for second time View attachment 41424

    -the next day-

    ok after i did the 2 hours later post i desded to re install windows on my other HDD and attempt to run it off that wth all the correct drivers etc but no luck now i cant even start windows off thaty HDD so im gonna disconnaect it and see if it works any better but it should be fine i would upload the dump but it wont even recognize the HDD is there anymore so i will upload wen i can
  5. nobardin

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    Minidump 011009-01
    BUGCHECK_STR: 0x7a_c000000e
    Probably caused by : atapi.sys

    I believe your hard drives may be faulty or you have a corrupted pagefile.

    The possible causes for this issue could be:

    1. A problem in the pagefile (pagefile.sys)
    > Boot into recovery console and delete the pagefile. Here Is how to delete the pagefile with the recovery console.
    > On your next boot a new page file should be created.
    (Note: You will need a windows xp cd..not a recovery disc to be able to use the recovery console)

    2. Hard disk failure (bad clusters after partitioning)
    >Resolving a bad block problem: If you can restart the computer after the error, Autochk runs automatically and attempts to map the bad sector to prevent it from being used anymore. If Autochk does not scan the hard disk for errors, you can manually start the disk scanner. Run Chkdsk /f /r on the system partition. You must restart the computer before the disk scan begins. If you cannot start the system because of the error, use the Recovery Console and run Chkdsk /r.

    > Test with other hard disk, if this functions and disk is still under
    > warranty go to the shop and have it replaced. If not, it may be best to buy a new hard drive.

    Minidump 011009-02
    BUGCHECK_STR: 0x7a_c000000e
    Probably caused by : nv4_disp.dll

    Possible solution

    Download the latest drivers for your card HERE Then uninstall anything related to your video card via the add/remove programs list. Restart your computer then install the latest driver. I do not believe this will fix the issue, but is good to try all possible options.

    After doing the above stated, please post back and let us know how it is going.
  6. nauroticdax

    nauroticdax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i did what i said and i formatted my 500GB HDD (the one that was originally giving me all this trouble) and im running on it for 3 days str8 now and no problems im gonna run a chk disk but i still dont understand why this happend in the first place and also why is my pc now so dam slow
  7. nauroticdax

    nauroticdax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wooho another ****ing bsod

    ok so ill keep this one short basicly it bsodded again but all i was doing was watching vids on youtube nothing else??
    i cant post the dmp file assosiated with the bsod cause there isent one and the file that was created is like 2GB?!? HELP DAMMIT

    the next day
    ok so wen i went to sleep after the bsod i was furious so i set it to do chk disk on all the setings i could possably ok to and guess what it found............nothing absoulutly friggin nothing accourding to chk disk that HDD is A O K i could seriously strangle this god dam pc i was having a wonderful time since last post with a bsod free pc and now this iv almost had it to the poit i wanna throw the dam thing away

    (oh and i never did find the mini dump in the end)

    guys seriously i dont wanna have to take this into pc world (or anywere like that) jus to find out i could fix the problem myself but iv never had so meny problems like this i have had this pc a year and a half and over the last 2 months this is the most trouble iv had with it

    oh and before i forget thank you sooo much nobardin u were right about the graffix drivers and i havent had a bsod in that context since
  8. nauroticdax

    nauroticdax TS Rookie Topic Starter

  9. seanc

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    Download and run speedfan.
    Go to the S.M.A.R.T tab, do the online analysis for each drive.
    On the online analysis page, there will be a permenent link, post them here.
  10. Route44

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    To add to what seanc recommended...

    Your last minidump was error 0x19: BAD_POOL_HEADER

    This means the header pool was corrupt at the point of access. Device driver issues are probably the most common, but this can have diverse causes including bad sectors or other disk write issues, and problems with some routers. The driver cited is cmaudio.sys which is a C-Media WDM Audio Driver.

    Try updating your C-Media drivers.
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